Point of Sale Software
We at TRI-C develop, support point of sale products and solutions.
Our point of sale software is aimed to incorporate user-friendliness and professionalism.
With a point of sale dealer network that spans countrywide and beyond our borders, we are able to sell point of sale products to both
national and international customers.
Our company is a recognized leader in the point-of-sale, hardware support and maintenance services industry and we are thus
prepared to meet the total needs of our customers.
We currently manufacture and develop products for a wide range of industries, including POS (point of sale), hospitality and general
retail markets.
Point Of Sale Modules
Point of Sale
Bill of Quantities
Job cards
Purchase/Sales Orders
SQL Report Writer (embedded)
Full Barcode Scanning for fixed prices as as well as price imbedded barcodes as well as barcode
generation for items without barcodes.
User setup for Supervisor, Manager and Cashier with Void Control and Access right Setup
User Logon using User code, Bar Code, Magnetic Card or Fingerprint Reader
Comprehensive Daily Cash Up Reporting for System Users and Turnover Reporting including Void Transactions and
Payout Transactions
Fully configurable Keyboard Layout
Sales, Stock and Profit Management with easy to understand Reporting
Sample Report
Reciept On/Off Function with after transaction Receipt Printing
Back office
We can Integrate your POS to Pastel Accounting were you can have all your POS transactions and Stock Control Synchronizing
with Pastel and Update all General Ledger Accounts and Customer, Stock Control Accounts.
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